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Enchantment Spell
Spell Information

A spell to magically enchant objects


The Warren Line


Phoebe Halliwell


An object to be enchanted


Good Magic


The Enchantment Spell is a spell in the Book of Shadows that enchants objects with the ability to perceive evil or darkness dwelling within another object or person. The enchanted object will reveal the true form of the evil or reveal a blackened aura.

By enchanting objects like glasses, the spell can be used to identify suspected threats who masks their demonic nature with a human form, those possessed by evil beings or those being manipulated by evil forces.


In 2001, shortly after Piper and Phoebe Halliwell discovered their half-sister Paige Matthews, they heard the Source of All Evil had surfaced. To help identify him, Phoebe asked for help and the Book of Shadows flipped to this spell.

Phoebe cast the spell on a pair of old pink sunglasses and tested it on Cole Turner, which revealed his demonic form Belthazor. It was later used to idenfify the Source when he was possessing Shane in an attempt to manipulate Paige into becoming evil. When the sisters found Paige trying to kill an innocent man, Phoebe used the glasses once more and noticed a blackened aura around her.[1]



The page in the Book

(Book of Shadows Text:)

Enchantment SpellEdit

Speak these words to Enchant an Object
Magic Forces Far and Wide,
Enchant these so those can’t hide
Allow this witch to use therein
So she can reveal the Evil within.



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