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To bestow magical powers or attributes onto an object


Casting a spell


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"Enchant these so those can't hide [...]'"
Phoebe Halliwell enchanting glasses.[src]

An Enchantment is a spell or charm that bestows magical powers or attributes onto an object. The ability to place an enhanctment is referred to as enchanting. Enchantments can be used to achieve various effects, depending on the intent and purpose of the enchantment.


Prue Halliwell once enchanted five crystals to trap evil beings and enchanted a sixth crystal to alert her when her trap was activated.[1] Her sisters would later often use these crystal cages to trap demons.

Phoebe Halliwell once used an Enchantment Spell on a pair of sunglasses so she could see the evil within or manipulating others.[2]

Paige Matthews once enchanted a few shells to set up a demonic alarm system. She did this to protect her nephew Wyatt from demons.[3]

Phoebe Halliwell once enchanted Wuvey, the teddy bear of Wyatt, so it could express how her nephew was feeling when his father was taken.[4]

Billie Jenkins once enchanted a piece of paper to reveal whether or not the person touching the paper was magical.[5] The enchantment had a similar effect to a potion Prue Halliwell made years earlier.

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