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Leo Wyatt 16
Empyreal Sword
Artifact Information

A whitelighter's weapon against the forces of evil


Glynnis's ancestors


Leo Wyatt (formerly)
Rennek (formerly)
Prue Halliwell


The Empyreal Sword is a magical weapon originally meant to be used by Whitelighters to help fight against evil. However, after much discussion, the Elders came to the decision to lock away the object in order for the Whitelighters to be guides instead of warriors.

Leo Wyatt became the owner of the sword, as well as its respective powers, after obtaining the sword inside a Vault located in The Upper Regions. However, Rennek claimed control of it after accessing The All. By stopping Rennek's malicious plans and merging with the sword, Prue Halliwell became the new owner of the sword along with the Grimoire and became a guardian of the All.



Glynnis: "How is it that you possess the Empyreal sword?"
Leo: "You know what this is?"
Glynnis: "Of course I do. That weapon was forged by my ancestors over two thousands years ago. It was never to be used!"
— Leo finding out more about his sword[src]

The sword seen in the vault behind the sphaera.

Over two thousand years ago, a family line known as the Bladesmiths forged the sword at the request of the Elders, who desired a weapon their Whitelighters could use to destroy evil. As the sword was being crafted, the Elders had heated discussions about whether Whitelighters should be warriors or just be guides to the magical community. In the end, they decided on the latter and decided to lock the sword in a vault located in the Heavens, hoping it would never be used.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight: The ability to fly through the air. The sword grants the user angelic wings on command. The wings are connected to the sword and are thus designed to be used in tandem with it, meaning the use of only one can be painful to the user.
  • Angelic Power: The ability to use magic of angels. The sword has demonstrated incredible power, slashing through demons, vanquishing several at a time with ease.
  • Life Draining: The ability to drain one's life force. The sword was designed to be used by Whitelighters—immortal beings—those who are not immortal will find their life force continually drained by the weapon itself with each use.

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