"He's a killer. What's the matter with you people?"
—Emma to the sisters after learning Cole killed her fiancé.[src]

Emma was the mortal fiancée of Andrew, a male witch who was killed by Belthazor under orders of the Source of All Evil. Since his death, she had been using his books and spells to give her the power to avenge him. However, this path had turned her vengeful and bitter.


Emma encountered the Charmed Ones when they were trying to vanquish the demon Sykes, whom she had mistaken for Belthazor. She tried to kill him with the very athamé that killed her love. But the demon got away, and Emma explained the situation to them. The sisters managed to persuade her to let them help. However, when she saw Cole transform into Belthazor, she realized he was the one who killed Andrew. Emma then focused on killing Cole and used a power stripping potion (which she found on the floor at Halliwell Manor) on him, leaving him mortal and powerless. She still intended to kill Cole, but Phoebe stopped her, explaining that the demon who killed her fiancé was gone. This convinced her to finally let go of her obsession for revenge and move on with her life.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • Emma told the sisters she dedicated herself to the craft after her fiancé died. She became able to scry, implying that this ability can be learned by practitioners.


Emma appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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