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The War on Witches


Emily Fisk-Navarro is a character from the canonical novel, The War on Witches. She is a mortal woman who hates magic and believes that all witches are evil.


Emily's ancestry dates back to the time of the Salem Witch Trials. Her great-times-seven grandfather was not only a juror during the time of the witch trials, but also one of the jurors who condemned Melinda Warren to death.

For her entire life, Emily was forced to live with the ridicule of what her great-times-seven grandfather had done, which made her bitter and hateful. For years, she also worked to shut down her local Wiccan historical society, but was viewed as nothing more than a nuisance. However, that was until she met and teamed up with a demon named Izax in 2009. Izax gave her a book that was inked with a potion mixed with warlock's blood, which when read from, had the power to strip a witch of her magic. Emily, in her misguided attempt to first rid the world of witches and then demons, used the book to attack several witches directly, including the one at her local Wiccan historical society center. However, The Charmed Ones were able to put a stop to their plans by vanquishing Izax.

The Charmed Ones then decided to teach Emily a lesson since they could not take her to the police because there was no way to explain her crime without exposing magic. Phoebe suggested giving Emily a glimpse into what her all-consuming hatred of witches was doing to her, to which her sisters agreed. Phoebe then used her power to tap into Emily’s emotions. She felt Emily’s hatred, mixed with righteous indignation, and came to realize that Emily truly believed she was doing good, but her emotions had twisted it into something evil. For a brief moment, Phoebe touched on the fear at the core of all of that and then turned it around and projected it back into Emily’s mind. Phoebe was careful to filter the strength of the images, because she did not want to harm Emily, just teach her a lesson. The connection was intimate and uncomfortable, so Phoebe ended it the moment she realized it was as much an intrusion as what Emily had done to the witches. Afterwards, Phoebe informed her that if she did not stop hunting witches, the only person she was going to hurt was herself. Paige then orbed her home.


Emily Fisk-Navarro has appeared in a total of 1 novel throughout the run of the franchise.