Elizabeth Dennehy
Elizabeth Dennehy
Actor Information

Elizabeth Hannah Dennehy


Jacksonville, North Carolina

Birth date

October 1st, 1960




Season 7 to 8


8 Episodes


Elizabeth Dennehy portrayed Sandra, an Elder, in season 7 and season 8.


She was born on the 1st of October 1960, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA. She is the daughter of actor Brian Dennehy and sister of Kathleen Dennehy.

Birth Name Edit

Elizabeth Hannah Dennehy.

Some Films Edit

  • Medium (Hasting's Boss)(1 episode, 2008)
  • Charmed (Sandra)(8 episodes, 2004-2006)
  • Commander in Chief (Sue Brantley)(1 episode, 2006)
  • Without a Trace (Victoria)(1 episode, 2005)
  • Red Dragon (Beverly)(2002)
  • Judging Amy (Atty. Salias)(1 episode, 2001)
  • NYPD Blue (Melanie Pratt)(1 episode, 2000)
  • Star Trek: The Next Generation (Lt. Cmdr. Elizabeth Paula Shelby)(2 episodes, 1990)

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