Charmed Ten 17-Cover-A
Issue Information
Issue 17
Volume Volume Three
Published March 2, 2016
Written by Pat Shand
Artwork by Elisa Feliz
Cover Artwork by David Seidman
Comic Guide
Happy Ending
Tribunal and Tribulations

Effigy is the 17th issue of the Charmed Comics: Season 10 published by Zenescope Entertainment.


For a complete plot of Effigy, go here.

After last issue's happy ending, it seems that all is right with the Charmed Ones. However, when a seemingly casual trip to see their father reveals something startling, everything that has happened to them is called into question. With the advent of the Old Ones approaching... will the Charmed Ones stand on the side of good or evil?





Magical Notes Edit

Powers UsedEdit

Artifacts Edit

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • An effigy is a representation of a specific person in the form of a sculpture or other medium.
  • This issue marks the first appearance of Victor Bennett in season 10.

Bloopers and GlitchesEdit

  • Given the wall Prue blasted Phoebe through, she should have landed in the conservatory instead of the kitchen.



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Happy Ending
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Tribunal and Tribulations
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