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Eames Vanquishing Spell
Spell Information

A spell written to vanquish the warlock Eames


The Charmed Ones




Good Magic


The Eames Vanquishing Spell was written by Prue, Piper, and Phoebe Halliwell with the help of the whitelighter Natalie in 2001.


The spell was written to vanquish the immortal warlock Eames, who planned to kill all the Whitelighters in The Heavens, leaving witches on Earth unprotected. However, to enter the Heavens he needed the power to orb. To this end, he tricked the sisters and killed Natalie for her powers. With help from Leo, the sisters planned a trap for Eames in the Heavens by disguising themselves as Whitelighters. When Eames appeared and attacked, the sisters overpowered him and vanquished him using the spell.[1]


Time for Amends,
And a victim's Revenge.
Cloning Power turn Sour.
Power to Change turn to Strange,
I'm rejectin' your Deflection.


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