Power Information

To teleport through grey, dust-like particles


Concentrate on a person or location




Teleportation Power

Piper: "What are you exactly? Ghost, demon, poltergeist, nightmare?"
Cole: "None of the above. We’re caught in a cosmic void… between life and death."
Cole and Piper in the Cosmic Void.[src]

Dusting is a form of teleportation in which the user appears and disappears through grey, dust-like particles. The only known being in existence to possess this ability is Cole Turner while trapped in the Cosmic Void.[1]

With this ability, Cole was even able to enter the Upper Regions, which is typically protected from all forms of teleportation except for Orbing, although it can also be entered by extremely powerful beings.[2]


  1. As revealed in "The Seven Year Witch".
  2. Such as Angels of Destiny and Piper as the Goddess of Earth.

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