Dream dust next to Pheobe
Dream Dust
Artifact Information

A golden powdery substance

  • Used to grant dreams
  • Sustains sandmen


"One and the same. Only there isn't just one Sandman, there are many of them like angels. They visit good beings during their sleep, sprinkle them with dream dust so they can dream."
Leo Wyatt telling the sisters about Sandmen.[src]

Dream dust is a golden powdery substance that, when sprinkled in small amounts, causes people to dream. Sandmen use it to give all human dreams, both magical and mortal, to work out inner conflict. Neither dream dust nor Sandmen can control the dream and what happens in it.

When too much is used on a person, figments of their dream can come out of their subconscious minds and into reality. Sandmen are made of entirely of dream dust, so if they are vanquished in any way, their bodies explode into a pile of dream dust.


In 2003, the demon Axel used Tracer Demons to kill Sandmen and steal their dream dust, with the intent of keeping mortals from dreaming.[1]