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Dr. Randall
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Character information
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Freaky Phoebe

Portrayed By

Alan Wilder

"Let me remind you, you're not the doctor ... I am. After all, I don't see any diplomas on your walls."
—Dr. Randall to Phoebe.[src]

Dr. Randall was a professional psychologist hired by Elise Rothman to analyse Ask Phoebe to avoid a potential lawsuit.


Just as the doctor arrived, a demonic sorceress named Imara swapped souls with Phoebe. While in Phoebe's body, Imara told Dr. Randall he could do whatever he wanted with the column and then kissed him. When he went to Elise, she refused to believe Phoebe would do such a thing and fired him. Elise told Phoebe they were not going to hire someone else because they never had a problem with the column before.


Dr. Randall appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7
Freaky Phoebe

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