Dr. Harris
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College Professor

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Battle of the Hexes

Portrayed By

Thomas Newton


Dr Harris was a mortal college professor who taught a class attended by Billie Jenkins.


In 2005, Harris gave a lecture on the yin-yang theory, explaining the balance between men and women. When asked for her opinion, Billie noted that the theory was outdated and that women were the more balanced sex. She believed that women should dominate, though Harris replied that the sexes needed each other. Billie then got a call from Phoebe and left due to a "family emergency".


Billie affecting the female students.

After Billie put on the Golden Belt of Gaea, it granted her new powers and affected her personality. When she was late for her midterm, she called Harris a sexist pig and her power affected the female students. Harris believed her costume was some kind of feminist statement, and one of the male students remarked that the statement was being hot. One of the girls then punched him, causing a brawl between the sexes.


Dr. Harris appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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