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Womb Raider

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Aaron Lustig

"Your hormone levels are unusually high for a mother in her eighth week. Have you seen a doctor since you found out you were pregnant?"
—Doctor Harris to Phoebe.[src]

Dr. Harris was an OB/GYN that Piper Halliwell had an appointment with about a fertility test. When Phoebe began to experience unusual symptoms during her pregnancy, Piper gave the appointment to her instead. Dr. Harris noted that she really should have seen a doctor earlier. When he attempted to do an ultrasound, the fetus attempted to "defend itself" due to the cold gel and proceeded to electrocute the doctor. Piper froze the confused doctor and the sisters quickly left, presumably coming up with some sort of excuse.

He called Piper the same day to tell her about her difficulties at conceiving due to damage done to her abdomen.


Dr. Harris appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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