Douglas spearman


Doug Spearman portrayed a nurse in the season 1 episode "Dream Sorcerer."


"Doug Spearman is a Washington, D.C. native who's been acting since the age of seven when he discovered that the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz were actually people and not real monkeys. A no-brainer as to a career choice as far as he was concerned.

His career highlights have included work on such television shows as StarTrek Voyager, The Drew Carey Show, The Hughleys, Charmed, America's Most Wanted, Gideon's Crossing, MAD TV, Girlfriends, and the Profiler.

On stage Doug has starred in such productions as the American premiere of the AIDS drama, the Ice Pick at the Celebration Theater in Los Aneles, the Men's Room, Moscow, The Bullpen Boys, A Few Good Men, and the world premiere of the TonyAward winning South Coast Repertory's production of The Hollow Lands, by Howard Corder.

Doug co-starred in the motion picture Cradle 2 The Grave with Jet Li and DMX and had several small parts in big movies and large parts in small movies. Doug stars as Professor Chance Counter in the ground breaking television series Noah's Arc on LOGO and the feature film of the same name.

For twenty years, Doug also worked as a writer/producer/director in the advertising and marketing departments of several major local television stations around the country as well as writing and producing for ABC, CBS, NBC, and UPN. In 2005 Doug retired from that career as the Creative Director managing all the branding for ABC Daytime.

Doug was a Theater and Telecommunications major at Indiana University and currently lives in Los Angeles with his dog, Amber and he will basically act in anything as long as the part is good and the pay is decent.

Doug also is very active with several organizations - The Lifeworks Mentoring Program, The Black AIDS Institute, and sits on the board of." [2]


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