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February 2nd, 2003; Halliwell Manor


Married to Victor Bennett

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Only appearance

The Day the Magic Died

Portrayed By

Cheryl Ladd


Doris Bennett was a demon loyal to the demonic sorcerer Cronyn. Pretending to be a mortal, she went on a singles' cruise and met and married Victor Bennett to gain access to the Charmed Ones. Their goal was to steal Piper's child when it was born and raise it as evil.


Doris appeared at the manor just when Piper was about to go into labor with her first child. Meanwhile magic had died all around the world due to a planetary alignment predicting the arrival of the Twice-Blessed Child. Meanwhile Cronyn contacted Phoebe and Paige to lure them away from the manor. When Piper suddenly went into labor, Doris revealed her true nature and stabbed Victor with an athame.

Doris then started preparing Piper for birth while Cronyn lured her sisters into a trap and returned to the manor. However, Phoebe and Paige escaped and realized that they could use the horn of a unicorn, which had been sent as a gift by the Elders, to channel magic.

While Cronyn dealt with her sisters, Piper knocked out Doris and tried to escape, but Doris caught her on the stairs. Victor then saved Piper from Cronyn, giving Phoebe and Paige the chance to use the magic of the unicorn to vanquish the evil pair. With help of her sisters, Piper later gave birth to Wyatt Halliwell, thus restoring magic to the world.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • As she only appeared while magic was inactive, her powers remain unknown.


Doris Bennett has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 5
The Day the Magic Died

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