Dorian Brown
Actor Information

Dorian Brown


Charlotte, North Carolina


Glamoured Piper


Season 8


Still Charmed and Kicking


Dorian Brown portrayed a Glamoured Piper in the season 8 episode "Still Charmed and Kicking."

Biography Edit

In addition to starring as "Kristen" on FX’s Wilfred, Dorian recently starred in the ABC series Roommates.

She has been a familiar face as a recurring character on CBS' NCIS and has guest-starred on the series Bent, Supernatural, Accidentally on Purpose, Romantically Challenged, Psych and Cold Case.

Dorian’s feature film credits include a leading role in Home Run, directed by David Boyd and set for release in the Fall of 2012, and He’s Such a Girl, directed by Sean Carr and Mercy, directed by Scott Caan.

Born in Florida and studying dance as a girl, Dorian now holds a BFA in Acting from Hofstra University and lives in Los Angeles. She is a wife and a new mother.



  • Charmed (2005)
  • The Game (2006)
  • Psych (2008)
  • Wilfred (US) (2011)
  • Supernatural (2011)


  • Sixteen to Life (TV Movie) (2003)
  • Mercy (2009)
  • Home Run (2012)

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