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Doll House
Artifact Information

An identical replica dollhouse of the Halliwell Manor.




The Halliwell Family


The Doll House was an exact mini replica of the Halliwell Manor created by Grams when Piper was a child. Although at the time Piper assumed she made it herself, when she really did it through magic.

The furniture was quite outdated as it was made almost two decades before Leo Wyatt found it again.


In "Scry Hard", Piper and Leo were trapped in it by Wyatt when he thought they needed protection from danger. Piper tried to blast open the window, but a Force Field bounces her back. They manage to swing it open and escape.

In "Repo Manor", the three sisters were trapped in it together while being impersonated by three demons. After escaping from it for the second time, Piper blew it up, killing the demons trapped in it.


  • The destruction of the dollhouse in Repo Manor and the death of the demons inside it possibly foreshadows the events of Kill Billie: Vol. 2 in which Paige, Phoebe and Christy die when the Manor explodes in a similar manner.
  • The doll house is not an exact replica, as it is modeled after the sets (except for the attic). The door on the right side of the house was replaced by the outside of the sunroom.

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