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Dispossession potion
Dispossession Potion
Potion Information

A potion to expel magical beings that possess another being


Good Magic


A Dispossession Potion is a potion that allows witches to expel demons, ghosts and phantasms from a person they are possessing. The ingrediets to his potion is unknown. It is also unknown if it has an entry in the Book of Shadows or if it was created by the Charmed Ones.


Phoebe Halliwell once used this potion to expel a Phantasm from a mortal criminal.[1] The sisters once used this potion to expel a Possessor Demon from Leo Wyatt.[2] This potion was used once again by Phoebe to expel Count Roget from Drake dè Mon.[3] Finally, it was used last to expel the demon Rohtul from a mortal named Nick Edwards.[4]


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