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Diane Salinger-TDA-000285
Diane Salinger
Actor Information

Diane Salinger


Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Birth date

January 25, 1951


Sea Hag


Season 5


A Witch's Tail, Part 1


Diane Salinger is an American actress, voice actress, and comedienne. She portrayed the Sea Hag in the season 5 premiere episode A Witch's Tail, Part 1.

Career Edit

  • Creature as Melanie Bryce (1985)
  • Pee-wee's Big Adventure as Simone (1985)
  • The Morning After as Isabel Harding (1986)
  • Right to Die as Betsy (1987)
  • Bird as Baroness Nica (1988)
  • Maybe Baby as Dr. Strauss (1988)
  • Street of Dreams as Anne Kepler (1988)
  • Alice as Carol (1990)
  • The Butcher's Wife as Trendoid (1991)
  • Batman Returns as Penguin's Mother (1992)
  • Unbecoming Age (The Magic Bubble) as Julia (1992)
  • The Scarlet Letter as Margaret Bellingham (1995)
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as Lupaza (2 episodes, 1995–1997)
  • Power Rangers: Lightspeed Rescue as Queen Bansheera (voice) (2000)
  • Almost a Woman as Mrs. Moore (2001)
  • Ghost World as Psychiatrist (2001)
  • Charmed as the Sea Hag (2002)
  • Carnivàle as Apollonia (15 episodes, 2003–2005)
  • Garden State as Large's mother on the picture at the funeral (2004)
  • Rest Stop as The Mother (2006) (as Diane Louise Salinger)
  • Color Me Olsen as Dorothy (2007)
  • Wrath of the Zombies as Lois Melbourne (2011)

External links Edit

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