Dex Lawson's Apartment
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Dex Lawson


Dex Lawson's Apartment is the apartment where Dex Lawson lived. It is also the place where he exhibits his artwork. Phoebe Halliwell visited the apartment various times during the time she dated and later married Dex.

History Edit

Art Exhibition Edit

Dex: "What happened?"
Phoebe: "The earth just moved."
Phoebe after receiving the premonition[src]

Dex and Phoebe

After first meeting the owner of the apartment, Dex. He invites Julie Bennett, who is the magical disguise of Phoebe to one of his art shows. However, when she goes to shake his hand, she receives a premonition of an earthquake interrupting and ruining all of his sculptures. Phoebe attempts to propose the show and often went to Dex's apartment and rearranged things in order for them not to be broken. However, when the earthquake happens, she finds out that she was never meant to stop it, she was actually meant to be there with Dex for it.

Unraveling Edit

"Forgive me?"
Phoebe says sorry to Dex before revealing herself.[src]

Phoebe reveals herself.

After deciding to take back their old lives, demonic burdens and all. Phoebe was forced to revel herself to Dex to show him who he was really married to. Although she was against the idea, she knew she had to do it. She went to his apartment as Phoebe, and explained to him and told Dex to forgive her, she then glamoured back into Julie, in which Dex then faints and falls to the ground. Phoebe smiles and comments that It went well.

Notes and Trivia Edit

  • In reality, the sculptures that "Dex" had created, were actually created by Bruce Gray.

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