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Styx Feet Under

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Eddie Velez

"Of course. Now, earlier, you told the officer that you two were walking by, and your sister just fell. No warning, nothing?"
—The detective to Paige Matthews.[src]

This Detective worked for the San Francisco Police Department. He investigated the mysterious death of Piper Halliwell, who fell dead on the street after being recruited by the Angel of Death.



The detective with the coroner.

The detective questioned Paige shortly after Piper mysteriously died in the middle of the street. Unknowst to the detective, Piper was still present as an Angel of Death and kept talking to Paige. When the coroner annouched they were taking the bodies to the morgue for an autopsy, the sisters panicked and Paige told the detective it was against their religion. However, the detective replied that since it was a murder investigation, it was state law to perform one.

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The Detective appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7
Styx Feet Under

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