The Hollow

One of Derek Baron's most famous pages

Derek Baron is the creator of the Book of Shadows pages from season 8. He took over from Dan Haberkorn and was the last of three artists to create Book of Shadows pages. He used two fonts for all his pages and sometimes printed text. He also drew the drawings in Billie's Book of Shadows and let his girlfriend write the text to make the handwriting look "girlish". Derek Baron also created the Magic School pages seen in season 8 and also made Leo's magic map.

After Charmed ended in 2006, Derek Baron sold replicas of his pages through his site, although he only sold them on real paper of the Book he had left. The price was around $300. He published a pdf-file containing the text on each page and the font used for it. The pdf-file did not include the Demon of Fear page seen in Run, Piper, Run (see Notes).



The pdf from Derek Baron

  • It is unknown whether Derek Baron made the Demon of Fear page seen in Run, Piper, Run. The page does not match the other season 8 pages and looks more like a season 7 style page. This means that the page was probably created by Dan Haberkorn for the season 7 premiere, A Call to Arms.
  • Shortly after the show ended, Derek had a pdf file on his site which could be downloaded. The pdf contained all texts and fonts which he used on his pages. You can find a jpeg-version of the pdf in the image here.

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