Demonic Assassins are supernatural hitmen hired by other demons or evil magical beings to kill both mortal and magical targets. These assassins are often hired by high-ranking, upper-level demons. The Source of All Evil had a personal assassin, Shax, although he also sent other demons to kill targets, such as members of the Brotherhood of the Thorn. The Charmed Ones faced several of these hitmen over the course of the series. 





Vinceres was an immortal demonic hitman before he was cursed with the gift of Empathy by Father Thomas. He killed his targets with his Touch of Death, burning them to death. Prue accidentally released him from his curse in 2000 by taking his curse upon herself. She later vanquished him by using the very same power against him.




Shax was a powerful elemental demon and the personal assassin of the Source of All Evil. He killed his targets through Aerokinesis by throwing powerful blasts of wind. Shax was responsible for the death of Prue Halliwell in 2001, and was later vanquished by the freshly reformed Power of Three, avenging their sister.



The Demonatrix

The Demonatrix are a group of deadly demonic female assassins. These leather-clad demons kill their targets with their impressive martial arts skills or by throwing shurikens. These demons were once hired by Vincent Wrong, the evil counterpart of Paige's Mr. Right, and were later vanquished by Piper and Phoebe.

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