Demon Doppelgangers
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Double, double, the demon's the trouble…
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Greg Elliot

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Demon Doppelgangers is the 32nd book in the Charmed novel series.

It takes place between Season 6 Episode 16 "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" and Episode 18 "Spin City", as Paige clearly states it is June and Phoebe still has her power of Premonition.


Ancient powers give evil rise
and open up demon eyes.
Find the answer, quell the curse—
or things will surely get much worse…

Paige has a new job — and it's perfect for her. She's working at a museum, conducting tours through a travelling Grecian display. It's temporary, but it's better than nothing, and it means she gets to see Chase, a really hot guy who started working at the museum at about the same time she did. One da, though, a big stone ovoid meant to represent a dragon's egg turns up, and it gives her the creeps. When Paige asks Phoebe and Piper to come check it out, they agree there's definitely something evil about that weird old egg.

Later, after a long day of tours, Paige and Chase relax near the artifact. Without warning, Chase, who knows only a few Greek words, begins speaking the language. His monologue opens the egg, releasing a demon that promptly assumes Chase's form. When Paige tries to kill it, it splits in half, forming two identical Chases. With the real Chase unable to explain what happened and demons on the loose, the Charmed Ones will have to count on the Power of Three to figure out what's doubling these demons… and why.




  • Chase: A tour at the local museum, and an innocent who accidentally unleashes a demon that takes his form.
  • Grace Stephens: Supervisor of the local museum.



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