Demon Doppelgangers
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Double, double, the demon's the trouble…
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Greg Elliot

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Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

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Season 6

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Demon Doppelgangers is the 32nd book in the Charmed novel series.

It takes place between Season 6 Episode 16 "The Courtship of Wyatt's Father" and Episode 18 "Spin City", as Paige clearly states it is June and Phoebe still has her power of Premonition.


Ancient powers give evil rise
and open up demon eyes.
Find the answer, quell the curse—
or things will surely get much worse…

Paige has a new job — and it's perfect for her. She's working at a museum, conducting tours through a travelling Grecian display. It's temporary, but it's better than nothing, and it means she gets to see Chase, a really hot guy who started working at the museum at about the same time she did. One da, though, a big stone ovoid meant to represent a dragon's egg turns up, and it gives her the creeps. When Paige asks Phoebe and Piper to come check it out, they agree there's definitely something evil about that weird old egg.

Later, after a long day of tours, Paige and Chase relax near the artifact. Without warning, Chase, who knows only a few Greek words, begins speaking the language. His monologue opens the egg, releasing a demon that promptly assumes Chase's form. When Paige tries to kill it, it splits in half, forming two identical Chases. With the real Chase unable to explain what happened and demons on the loose, the Charmed Ones will have to count on the Power of Three to figure out what's doubling these demons… and why.





  • Mike: Detective working with Darryl.
  • Officer Roberts: A police officer who confronted the demon during a bombing.
  • Captain Rodgers: Captain of the SWAT team.
  • Penny Halliwell: The Charmed Ones' deceased grandmother with the power of Telekinesis. She appeared to her granddaughters when they cast a spell to call for help.
  • Emily Pickens: Owner of the Enchanted Garden plant store. She was acquainted with Penny and knew she was a witch. She advised Piper on which herbs she should buy for her spell.
  • Young Woman: An innocent who nearly jumped off a building with one of the Ravaging Man-Beast's clones after he seduced her into doing so. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were able to save her in the nick of time.


  • Gloria: Guard at the museum.
  • Bernie: Bartender. There was a problem with the tequila order and Bernie was afraid of getting the blame that he tried to cover the problem with his own money before Piper found out.

Magical NotesEdit

Book of ShadowsEdit

The Ravaging Man-BeastEdit

Do not leave this beast for dead,
Or two will rise up in its head.
Then four more will follow you,
And eight, sixteen, and thirty-two.
Until you face a man-beast legion
Laying waste unto your region.

To Stop a DemonEdit

To stop a demon in his tracks
Although he will not stay,
To hold a demon fast until
You make your getaway,
Use banyan root, and say these words,
'Be still!' And like the tree,
His limbs will root into the ground
And you, dear, will be free.

To Banish a Demon to the UnderworldEdit

Potion is required.
Demon from an ancient realm,
Go back from whence you came.
You are not dead, but in death's stead,
You're banished, just the same.

Instructions for a Death Trance PotionEdit

To pattern death in every way,
In breath, in heart, in soul,
To bring a loved one to the point
Where even skin grows cold,
Then mark ye well the potion
Which lies on these pages,
From sun to sun, or moon to moon,
The one who drinks it, dies.

Calming Potion for a DemonEdit

Plant a garden filled with these:
Mugwort, moonwort, madwort three.
Boil three score of young, fresh leaves
Then brew a potion, sure to please
The heart of any demon man.
Of this potion, let him sup
Until he's drained his wassail cup.
Then let him sleep, perchance to dream.
Of kinder times than now they seem.
If this can't lull him, nothing can.

A Potion to Reduce a Man's PrideEdit

When the plume of pride consumes a man
But he'll not take your offer.
Blow him kisses, soft and sweet
Before you make your proffer.
Then whisper these words on the air
'Drink the drink I give to you.'
He'll bow to your suggestion.

Solution to End the Demon's ControlEdit

When demon leech o'ertakes a man
To use his body ill,
And nothing in your conjuring
Will break him to your will;
When countless others stand to fall
Lest demon be reined in,
Then you must count the greater good
'Longside the greater sin.
For one way sure to mark thee
That the demon still shall lie,
Is to look unto the demon's source—
The human host must die.


Grams's Poem to Bless CompostEdit

From earth you sprang, and grew, and bloomed,
Till plucked from farmer's field.
We brought you home, you fed us well,
But you have more to yield.
The minerals you sucked from stone,
The sun you drank from sky,
Are stored within your roots and leaves
To grow old, by and by.
So rest here, till you decompose
And then start life anew
As flow'r, or tree, or herb or such,
A-sparkling with the dew.
The miracle of life
Is that is circles, round and round.
You are not gone merely because
You've turned up in the ground.
So rise again, fair stuff of life,
Become the grass, or wood.
You aid us best that grow'th best,
Now once more, do some good.

Piper's Blessing SpellEdit

Herbs within this garden patch,
Drink deep of nature's food.
Rise up, grow strong: before too long,
We both shall do some good.

To Summon Witches for HelpEdit

Power of Three spell. The casters form a circle and call upon any witch, living or dead, who may have what needs to be done.
Kindred spirits, every one, listen to our call.
Be ye here or be ye gone, we need you, one and all.
In our presence, be it known, a demon walks once more.
We seek your help to vanquish it to where it dwelled before.
If one among you has the means to deal this fateful blow,
Appear before us, and divulge the secrets that you know.



  • Dragon Egg: The white egg the Ravaging Man-Beast was trapped in.

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