Death's List
Death's List
Artifact Information

A magical list that reveals the names of the dead and those meant to die


Used to collect souls of the dead


Angel of Death
Piper Halliwell (briefly)

"You don't understand. People have to die in order, according to my list. Otherwise, the cosmic balance is thrown off."
Angel of Death to the Charmed Ones[src]

Death's List is a magical artifact that is used by the Angel of Death, which he is able to summon to his hand through Conjuration. There are two columns on the list; Dead and To Die. The names listed under "Dead" are people who are dying, while the names listed under "To Die" will die soon. However, the names keep changing, removing themselves and changing places as destinies are changed continually. Once someone on the list has passed away, the name will disappear.


The list was first mentioned in "Death Takes a Halliwell", when Prue Halliwell met the Angel of Death while trying to save Reece Davidson from dying.

In "Styx Feet Under", the list was seen when all three Charmed Ones met the Angel of Death while trying to stop the demon Sirk. While trying to protect the innocent Arthur Casey, the Angel of Death temporarily transformed Piper into an Angel of Death, allowing her to conjure and use the list to help the deceased cross over.


  • The placeholder names on the list are all names of crew members.
  • The actual prop had the names digitally removed and separately added again so that the special effect, names removing themselves and changing places, could be added. The list, when seen from a distance and without any effects, has the same order of names when it has changed a few times already.



Season 3
Death Takes a Halliwell (mentioned)
Season 7
Styx Feet Under

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