David Right
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2004; Halliwell Manor, San Francisco

Physical description

Artificial Being



Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Magical characteristics
Active powers

Empathy (connection with Piper Halliwell and later her sisters)

Character information
Only appearance

Prince Charmed

Portrayed By

Eduardo Verástegui

"You can't live without love, Piper, we both know that. That's all your sisters were trying to tell you. Don't ever stop dreaming about me, and never stop looking for love."
—David to Piper Halliwell.[src]

David, also known as Mr. Right, is a man created by Paige Matthews and Phoebe Halliwell through the use of a spell. He was a present to Piper Halliwell in attempt to remind her what it was like to be loved, as she was giving up on love to focus on raising Wyatt.

Because he was created to last for twenty-four hours, he faded away after his time was up. As a man created to understand a woman's desire, he could read and understand their feelings. Additionally, the magical pheromones used in the spell made it hard for the desires to resist him.


David was created by Paige and Phoebe with a spell as birthday present to Piper, who had given up on love to dedicate her life to Wyatt, to make her remember what it feels like to be in love. Piper was initially appalled, but his presence soon had an effect on her and he was able to persuade her to think otherwise. After a fun day around the city, including the zoo, David met Leo Wyatt. He then assured Leo that he was not there to replace him as a father, because Piper would not want that.

Due to the Order being after Wyatt, Chris wanted the sisters to bind his powers. In order to manipulate them, he altered the spell so David would be able to influence all three sisters to go along with him. However, an overdose of pheromones caused the situation to quickly spiral out of control, causing the sisters to bicker and fight over David. This in turn gave the Order the opportunity to take Wyatt.

After saving Wyatt, Piper shared a last moment with David before he faded away. He reminded her not to give up on love and they shared a kiss. Piper then found a birthday card from Leo and smiled.


To Create A Perfect Man

A perfect man we summon now,
Another way we don't know how.
To make our sister see the light,
Somewhere out there is Mr. Right.


Notes and Trivia

  • Paige later created a new Mr. Right with a similar spell. Unlike with David, the new one was for herself, causing a personal gain backfire in the form of a darker counterpart.
  • After Chris messed with the spell, David's clothing changed depending on which sister laid eyes on him, as he then reflected their perfect man.
  • David reminding Piper not to give up on love is later mirrored with Phoebe and Drake dè Mon.
  • He was named "David" because Piper had always liked that name. This is a reference to David Donoho, the then-boyfriend and now ex-husband of Holly Marie Combs, whom she had met on the set of Charmed.


David Right has appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the series.