Date With Death
Date With Death
A vengeful suitor weaves a web of lies…
Novel Information
Written by

Elizabeth Lenhard

Published by

Simon Spotlight Entertainment

ISBN Number

0-74346102-9 / 9780743461023


Season 4

Novel Guide

Garden of Evil


Dark Vengeance


Date With Death is the 14th book in the Charmed novel collection and is written by Elizabeth Lenhard.

The novel centers around Lupercalia—the precursor to Valentine's Day. This novel is set between Season 4 Episode 12 Lost and Bound and Season 4 Episode 13 Charmed and Dangerous as Phoebe is engaged, and Cole is still human.


Take this soul, who seeks revenge
Bind him from his cruel intent
With this spark, consign his soul
To the haze of his own hell.

As Piper and Leo contemplate parenthood, and Phoebe and Cole enjoy their engagement, Paige is feeling more of a push to find a significant other. In a moment of whimsy, she signs up for an online dating service. Needless to say, she soon finds herself flooded with eager responses. Almost every night she embarks on a new date that seems to lead nowhere—despite the fact that Paige has a perfectly good time when she's out.

Or does she? Before long the sisters discover that Paige spends her "dates" in a catatonic trance—she hasn't actually gone anywhere! Soon afterward her suitors are discovered to have committed evil acts. Paige is acting as a conduit for dark powers—and soon she is projecting her energies onto her sisters. Will Piper and Phoebe be able to save her using only the Power of Two?



Notes and TriviaEdit

  • According to this book, Paige was a vegetarian for a short time.

Bloopers and GlitchesEdit

  • When Phoebe is talking about the seven deadly sins (from the episode Sin Francisco), she says Piper suffered from 'greed', not 'gluttony'.
  • The summary on the back of the book is actually incorrect. Paige does go on the dates, but because of the demon using her as a conduit, she doesn't really interact.
  • Grams's first husband died before the sisters were born, so that leaves only 3 husbands when she was looking after them, and not 4.

International TitlesEdit

  • French: Démons sur le Net (~ on the ~)
  • Spanish (Spain): Cita Con La Muerte (Date With the Death)
  • Russian: Svidanije so smjert'u (Rendezvous with Death)

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