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Dark Wedding
Dark Wedding
Event information
  • 2000
  • 2001

Binds two people as husband and wife.


A Dark Wedding is when two people are bonded together with the power of evil. The dark wedding replicates a white one, except the ceremony is performed by a Dark Priest, at night and in a cemetery. The groom must also drink at least one drop of his bride's blood.

The process takes as long as a white wedding normally would. The wedding doesn't immediately turn the couple evil (though most beings wed this way already would be). If a good being is involved in a dark wedding it makes them more susceptible to evil as well as their children.

One verse known is at the end just before the wedding is complete when the dark Priest places his hands on the couple.

" Not two but one, until life be gone"


  • Another way to bind a couple in a dark way is through a dark binding. This ceremony is performed by a dark priestess and is capable of contaminating even the most powerful good beings with evil, and in some cases turn their family evil as well.

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