Darcy was a mortal who attended Berkeley University with her best friend Hope, a future guardian of Pandora's Box.


"I know, but how can I not? We’re supposed to have this big talk. I mean, what does that mean, anyway? I was stupid to fall for him."
—Darcy to Hope.[src]
In 2005, Darcy was having problems with a boy named Adam Bice. She was conflicted about whether she should continue seeing him. However, Hope seemed determined he was bad news.

Darcy was later kidnapped by Katya, a demon who wanted to obtain Pandora's Box. She used Darcy to force Hope to open the box, which only she could do as the new guardian. When the Charmed Ones got involved, Katya shapeshifted into Darcy to lure Hope away from them. However, the sisters figured it out and Paige glamoured into Hope. When Katya took her to the underworld, Paige revealed herself and orbed Darcy and the box to the manor.

When Hope was doubtful if she could recall the sorrows, Darcy supported her by telling her that according to myth, there was one more thing in the box, hope. The new guardian was then able to recall the sorrows.



Darcy appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.