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Look Who's Barking

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Matt Battaglia

"Maybe I should write an article about irresponsible pet owners, make them feel like dirt."
—The cute guy on the phone with a friend.[src]

This Cute Guy was a journalist who ran his car into Prue Halliwell when she was magically transformed into a dog.


When the sisters cast the spell to track a Banshee, Prue inadvertently got turned into a dog. She led her younger sisters to find the Banshee by being able to hear her high-pitched calls. When Phoebe became a banshee, Prue was able to hear her calls and ran after her. However, as she crossed the road, she was hit by a car.

The driver got out of the car and rushed to her aid. He eventually took her to a vet and later took her home, as the vet said someone had to watch her. Prue then noticed they shared many interests, such as photography and imported beer, and learned he was a journalist when he was on the phone. When she tried to leave, the guy stopped her. However, when she kept barking, he let her out and she escaped.

"Hey, how could I resist a guy who put up fliers to find me?"
—Prue to her sisters.[src]

When the Banshee was vanquished and Phoebe returned to normal, Prue became human again. The guy later showed up at P3 and she had a drink with him.



The Cute Guy appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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