Crossed, Double-Crossed
Artifact Information

Write the story inside the book


Dan and Eddie Mullen


The book is in the Magic School library

  • Absorbs whoever opens it
  • Frees a dead prisoner
  • Frees its prisoners once the story is finished
  • Adding plot twists
"Are you kidding me? The 30s were a fabulous era, okay? Drama, passion, intrigue."
Paige Matthews talking about the setting of the novel[src]

Crossed, Double-Crossed is a crime novel created by Dan and Eddie Mullen in 1984. The novel is set in the 1930s and revolved around two private detectives trying to find an object called the Burmese Falcon.


The Mullen brothers wrote the book in 1984 and entered its world to portray the main characters. However, when Dan was murdered in the book and expelled, Eddie became unable to move forward and remained stuck in the story. Meanwhile the outside world believed him responsible for the mysterious murder in Magic School.

Twenty years later, the Literature Professor Mr. Monkeyshines tried to ban the book for looking violent. Headmistress Paige Matthews then scolded him and told him to read it first. When he read the book, he was sucked in and murdered within the story, thus resulting in another mysterious dead body in the school.

When Paige and Kyle Brody investigated, they were sucked into the book and became part of the story. Phoebe later learned what had happened through a premonition. She wrote in the book and her words became part of the story as it unfolded before them. By working together, the sisters managed to end the story by revealing the truth of Dan's death to his brother, who then ended the story by smashing the desired Burmese Falcon. When they had been expelled by the book, the cover changed to include the sisters as editors. Eddie wanted them to keep the book, but Paige decided it belonged in the library of Magic School.

By finishing the story, the book is now a harmless object.

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