Count Roget
Count Roget
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1899; Cabaret Fantome

Physical description


Hair color

Dark Blond

Eye color


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Active powers

Ghost Powers


Owner of Cabaret Fantome

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Only appearance

Show Ghouls

Portrayed By

David Anders


Count Roget was the owner of the Cabaret Fantome, the biggest and most corrupt club in San Francisco until it burned down in a deadly fire in 1899.


Day of the FireEdit

At some point in time, Count Roget made a deal with the demon Sargon shortly after his club went bankrupt. The excent details of the deal were never described, however, in 1899, Sargon set fire to the club and trapped everyone inside, leaving them to burn to death. The spirits of those killed then became trapped in a time loop where they were forced to relive the day of the fire each day, as Sargon thrived off their suffering. Because of the deal, all innocent souls were trapped along with the count, as his evil soul kept them from moving on.

Breaking the LoopEdit

In 2005, the bartender George was able to escape the loop by possessing Mike, a friend of Darryl Morris. Darryl then asked the Charmed Ones for help and Drake and Phoebe visited the club. They discovered that it was the count who had made the deal with Sargon, whom the sisters had already vanquished five years earlier. Phoebe and Drake then went back to the club to confront the demon, but found the count waiting for them instead. The count shot Drake and then possessed his body before escaping into the present.

Phoebe tracked the count down to the club in the present and dispossessed him with a potion. His soul was then taken to hell, and the loop put on Cabaret Fantome broke, allowing the lost souls to move on.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Active Powers
  • Possession: The ability to take control of a living being's body.


Count Roget appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

Season 7
Show Ghouls

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