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Cole's Goodbye Letter to Phoebe

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Cole's goodbye letter to Phoebe

Cole's goodbye letter to Phoebe.

"But there's this. It's Cole's handwriting."
Piper to Paige upon finding Cole's letter.[src]

Just like Phoebe Halliwell wrote a goodbye Letter to Cole, so did Cole to Phoebe. He had saved this letter in his wall safe at the penthouse where Piper and Paige found it.

The Goodbye LetterEdit

Dear Phoebe,
If I'm dead right now,
I know it was at your
hand. No one else in
heaven or hell had
Power over me. Please,
don't cry. I was dead
Before I met you. I was
Born the day you loved
me. And my love for you
will keep me alive...

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