Claire P
Claire Pryce
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Auction Chef

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5' 5" (1.65 m)

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First appearance

Feats of Clay

Last appearance

The Power of Two

Portrayed By

Cristine Rose


Claire Pryce was Prue Halliwell's second boss at Buckland Auction House[1], having taken over after Rex Buckland and Hannah Webster were exposed as warlocks and vanquished.[2] After it emerged that Rex and Hannah had skimmed off millions in auction proceeds, a bank forced Buckland into bankruptcy and sent Claire to find out if it was worth saving.

Although she credited Prue with keeping Buckland open by helping move $1.2 million of merchandise in one day, she had little patience for Prue's constant family emergencies. At one point, she nearly fired her for her repeated absences. She even once ended up being minimally entangled in a magical mess without even realizing it. Claire had brought a friend, Professor Beth Whittlesey, over to the Halliwell Manor who wanted to see it. Phoebe was able to draw the professor into the basement, where the Woogyman possessed her. Her obvious strange behavior, in addition to a "duck medallion" serving actually turning out to be a live duck, among other things, resulted in the party ending early.[3]


Claire Pryce appeared in a total of 5 episodes throughout the course of the series.


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