A Church is a Christian place of worship, commonly used for services such as weddings and funerals. Over the course of the series, several churches in San Francisco have appeared.

Notable Churches

Pastor Williams' Church

  • I've Got You Under My Skin
  • I've Got You Under My Skin
  • Primrose Empath

Shortly after gaining her powers and watching a documentary about Mary Eastey, Piper worried that she was evil because she was a witch. After speaking to Pastor Williams, she tried to enter the church, but ran away when thunder struck. After talking to Phoebe, she felt assured and was able to open the church doors.[1]

The same church was visited by Vinceres, who was looking for Father Thomas. He threatened a woman until she revealed his location, the Crest Hills Psychiatric Hospital.[2]

It is implied that the sisters, or at least Piper, attended Sunday school at this church. She also dropped off unused food from Quake at the church.

Father Austin's Church

  • When Bad Warlock Go Good
  • A Wrong Day's Journey into Right

Seeking to be free from his evil nature, half-warlock Brendan Rowe tried to become a Catholic priest at the church led by Father Austin. After some help from the Charmed Ones, he became ordained.[3]

In 2004, another priest, Father Wilkins, was attacked in the church by a pair of Smoker Demons, though they were vanquished by a pair of Demonatrix.[4]

Andy Trudeau attended this church and father Austin gave him his first communion.

Paige's Adoption Church


Charmed Again, Part 2

After meeting her half-sisters and vanquishing Shax, Paige Matthews went to the church where she was given up for adoption for answers. She spoke with Sister Agnes and later spoke to her sisters there. When the Source of All Evil, possessing Shane, arrived, he was weakened by the gargoyles on the roof and managed to lure Paige away with him.[5]

Phoebe and Cole's Wedding Church

  • Marry-Go-Round
  • House Call

Phoebe Halliwell and Cole Turner planned their wedding at a small church. However, the wedding was ultimately cancelled due to the manipulations of Cole, who had been possessed by the essence of the Source of All Evil.[6]

Glen Belland and Jessica also planned to get married at this church, though Jessica was abducted by Paige, who took her place due to a hex. The wedding was eventually stopped by Leo, who revealed the truth.[7]

Other Incidents