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Morality Bites Back

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The Four Sisters, Part 1

Phoebe: "Wait. He's a messenger cherub? What, you guys can't send a text?"
Coop: "Gives the trainees something to do. I called in a favor for you."
Coop and Phoebe about messenger cherubs.[src]

A Cherub is an angelic being who's being trained to become a Cupid. They are the reincarnated forms of infants who died too early and are then recruited by Cupids. During their training period, they are given the job to deliver messages to full-fledged Cupids and therefore are often referred to as Messenger Cherubs. Upon maturity, they will each be bestowed a Cupid Ring as full-fledged Cupids.

As their deaths occurred at such a young age, no cherub retains enough memories of their human family.


Whenever a child dies, a Cupid Agent is dispatched to collect and bring the child's soul to Cupid's Temple. Upon the Cupid's return he/she will join hands with an Elder Cupid (such as Kama), which will make their rings glow and a bright pink light to surround their hands.

They will then place their hands into a pool of blue water, which will then turn pink as their rings light up again, and recite these words:

Child taken from your family too soon, rise up to spread the love passed onto you through sadness and share it in joy.

A baby with a pair of small feathered wings extending from his/her back wings will then fly out of the water.


Issue 6 answer

Coop reading the cherub's message about Mika and Cal

Coop Calls in a Favor

In 2008, Coop brought his wife Phoebe to Cupid's Temple for their wedding anniversary. Phoebe was worried about her friend Mika, who at the time was dating Cal Greene. Looking for answers, Coop called in a favor for her and asked a cherub to find out if Mika and Cal were destined for each other.

This cherub brought them the message that while the two were in love, they were not destined to be with each other and thus Phoebe could break them up without altering their destinies.

In 2010, a cherub is fluffing clouds when the Charmed Ones are leaving Cupid's Temple. The young cherub overhears their conversation and tells them that Coop is being kept at the temple because the Tribunal wants to ensure his safety.

Physical Appearance

"Aw, so cute."
Phoebe Halliwell upon seeing a cherub.[src]

A cherub has the appearance of an angelic looking infant wearing a diaper with white fluffy wings atop his back, wearing white booties on his feet. This appearance is reminiscent to the modern day idea of what a Cupid looks like. Cherubs also have a pink strap across his chest with red hearts pinned on it.

Powers and Abilities


Flight; A newly reborn cherub flying for the first time.

Active Powers
  • Flight: The ability defy gravity and fly at great heights and speeds. Cherubs use their wings to fly.
Other Powers
  • Immortality: Cherubs are the younger version of a Cupid, which means they are immortals and will live for an infinitely long lifespan and an arrested aging process.


Cherubs have appeared in a total of 2 comic issues throughout the franchise.