Paige summons Grams for Chris' Wiccaning over Piper's objections. A masked demon attacks Wyatt; Grams walks in and the demon blasts her with lightning. Paige orbs a shelf at the demon and it shimmers away.

Ask Phoebe has won a Reader's Choice Award, but Phoebe, on sabbatical, hasn't been told.


Wyatt has been showing jealousy toward Chris, at one point even orbing him away at the door of the Manor, when Victor brings him back to the manor while coming. Grams casts a spell to end their rivalry, but it backfires, and the Charmed Ones behave immaturely and bicker amongst themselves. The masked demon attacks again, but the sisters panic and flee. Grams flings an athame and the demon shimmers out.

Leo visits a Seer, demanding to know who's after Wyatt. The demon indicates a round pool and she says that it will show him his answer. The liquid rises and forms the shape of Leo's head.


Grams tries to reverse the spell, but Piper won't cooperate. Phoebe accepts her award and makes a complete fool of herself. Leslie tries to cover for her. At Magic School, Paige pulls a student, Ben, aside in mid-class and kisses him.

Leo and Conjured Leo

The masked demon attacks Wyatt at Magic School, but Leo counterattacks. Both try to electrocute each other. In the struggle, the demon's mask falls off and it is revealed to have Leo's face. Grams is angry with Leo and wants him away from Wyatt. Grams changes her plans to reverse the rivalry spell, thinking that adult Piper could not handle the news.

Leo returns to the seer and wants to know if the masked demon came from him.


Victor still wants to reverse the spell and Grams summons Patty to break the tie. Patty, to Grams's surprise, sides with Victor. Patty reverses the spell and the Charmed Ones leave to fight the demon; but their potions don't work, and demon-Leo shimmers away with Wyatt. Patty remembers "night terrors" that Piper had as a girl, after Victor left; they were conjured by her subconscious mind. Patty thinks demon-Leo was conjured by Wyatt himself. Leo walks in and says that Wyatt blames him; if he hadn't killed Gideon, he wouldn't be so lost. Leo and Piper orb to where Gideon was killed and find Wyatt and demon-Leo there, along with several demons. They vanquish the demons and convince Wyatt to forgive Leo. Demon-Leo disappears.

Grams summons the Halliwell witches to bless Chris.

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