The television series Charmed is broadcast in many countries around the world, and several seasons have been released on DVD and spawned representation in other media, such as soundtracks and novels.


The series was originally shown on the WB television network in the United States and on CTV in Canada, with independent station SunTV (originally Toronto 1) picking up the show's 8th season after CTV decided against continuing its broadcast.

Currently, the show is licensed to a number of networks in North America, with the major carriers being TNT and Canada's Showcase Diva. TNT airs two different episodes each weekday at 8:00am and 9:00am E/P.Showcase Diva airs the same episode twice a day, Monday - Friday at 1:00 & 8:00pm ET (10:00am & 5:00pm PT). Charmed is shown in the Province of Quebec in French on VRAK.TV Mondays at 9:00pm (21h00), with the same episode repeated Fridays at 6:00pm (18h00) and Saturdays at 8:00pm (20h00).

Outside of North America, Charmed is broadcast in a high number of other countries and television networks.Countries where Charmed airs include the following:

Country Time, Channel and Season
Argentina Charmed airs (with subtitles) on the cable channel Sony Entertainment Television; Monday to Friday at 5:00pm (17:00) and 5:00am.

Season 4 is currently airing on The Sci-Fi Channel at 3:10pm every weekday. Season 3 is currently airing on the same channel, on Wednesdays at 7:30pm and Season 7 is currently airing at 4:00pm Sunday. (Double Episodes)

  • On August 26th, 2010 it was announced that Charmed and many other WB shows would return onto free-to-air TV. In early 2011 Charmed aired on the new Channel "11", which debuted on the 11th of January.

Charmed airs, with Dutch subtitles, every Monday to Friday from 5:05pm (17:05) on VIJF tv.


(Early 2011) Charmed aired Saturdays and Sundays at 3:00 pm on Bolivisión. It aired dubbed in Spanish. (Mid 2012) Charmed has aired Saturdays at 2:00 pm on Bolivisión. It aired dubbed in Spanish.


(Mid-2000's) Charmed aired on City TV, dubbed in Spanish.


(Late 2012) Charmed has aired Saturdays at 5:45 pm on Cubavisión. It airs with subtitles in Spanish and without commercial breaks.

Denmark "Heksene fra Warren Manor" (Danish), which translates as "The Witches from Warren Manor", twice daily, on TV3 which is currently airing Season 4 at 9:55am and 4:05pm (16:05).
France Charmed was on M6 Saturdays at 8:50pm (20h50).
Germany Pro 7 under the title "Charmed - Zauberhafte Hexen", the latter phrase meaning "Magical Witches" (or, ambiguously, "Enchanting Witches"). Seasons 1-7 air every Tuesday at 4:00pm (16:00). Season 8 will start January 6, 2007 at 5:15pm (17:15).The German dub was also bought by Austria for their channel ORF1 which is currently airing Season 8.
Greece Star Channel is currently showing Season 8 every Sunday at 4:30pm (16:30)
Hungary Charmed (under the title "Bűbájos boszorkák") airs Monday-Friday at 9:00am and 8:00pm (20:00) on FEM3. It airs with Hungarian dubbing.
Indonesia Charmed Season 8 soon will be aired on SCTV.
Italy FOX (cable TV) airs as "Streghe" (literally, "Witches") dubbed in Italian and also with original English voice tracks, Monday to Friday at 6:15pm. The same episode airs the day after at 12.55pm. Currently it shows only seasons 1 to 6.Season 7 will begin airing Tuesdays at 9pm from February 13, 2007 with two episodes per night
Latin America Charmed (under the title "Hechiceras" meaning "Sorceresses") airs (with subtitles) on the cable channel Sony Entertainment Television; Monday-Friday at 4:00pm (16:00) and 4:00am. Also, Charmed airs on the cable channel Liv Monday-Friday 3:00pm (UTC -5). (September 2013) Charmed airs on SyFy in several timeslots.
Malta Charmed can be seen daily on Living TV.
Mexico Season 2 and 4 air on re-runs currently air on the cable channel Liv; Monday-Thursday at 3:00pm (15:00); Friday at 5:00pm (17:00). Season 4 episodes are aired on weekends too, in a different time-slot.
Netherlands Season 8 airs Friday nights at 8:30pm on NET 5, the last eight episodes will air in 2007 starting with 12 Angry Zen.

(Late 2010-Early 2011) Charmed aired Monday-Friday at 10:00am on Multinoticias Canal 4. It airs dubbed in Spanish.


(Late 2011) Charmed aired Saturdays and Sundays at 1:00pm on Paravisión. It airs dubbed in Spanish.

Poland Polsat; is currently showing Season 1 Fridays at 2:05pm (14:05) and Saturdays at 11:55am, same episode twice a week.
Philippines Season 8 episodes air Thursdays and Fridays at 8:20pm (20:20) on Studio 23.
Puerto Rico Charmed has aired Saturdays at 2:00pm on Wapa.
Slovenia "Čarovnice", literally "Witches". Season 6 airs every Saturday and Sunday at 2:00pm on Kanal A.
Spain "Embrujadas", literally "Bewitched". Dubbed in Castilian (Spanish). Monday-Friday at different times all day on Cosmopolitan channel. Also re-runs on channel: Telecinco, Cuatro, Clan TVE and Syfy.
Thailand Charmed, Season 7 is currently showing on UBC Series, Saturday nights at 10:00pm (22:00).
Turkey Charmed is airing on DiziMax channel.You can watch season 8 every Friday.
United Kingdom Charmed Seasons 1–3 & 8 were being shown on PickTV, with only Seasons 4–7 on E4, but now all 8 are showing on E4. Showing on week-days at 8:00am and repeated earlier the next morning. 4Music shows two starting at 18:30 on the same days.
United States of America Charmed can be seen daily on: TNT at 9am central time and We TV at 5pm central time.

Release dates Edit

Country Season and Date Released
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
February 1 2005 September 6 2005 November 15 2005 February 28 2006 June 6 2006 October 17 2006 February 6 2007 September 11 2007
UK June 6 2005 August 1 2005 October 3 2005 November 21 2005 March 6 2006 April 3 2006 June 5 2006 April 30 2007[1]
Australia May 18 2005 July 21 2005 September 6 2005 November 3 2005 February 16 2006 April 6 2006 June 6 2006 February 13 2007
New Zealand June 23 2005 August 24 2005 September 22 2005 November 17 2005 March 23 2006 May 16 2006 June 22 2006 February 22 2007
Germany May 12 2005 July 7 2005 September 1 2005 November 10 2005 February 6 2006 April 6 2006 July 27 2006 February 1 2007
France April 21 2005 June 16 2005 September 8 2005 November 4 2005 February 2 2006 April 6 2006 July 6 2006 February 15]] 2007
Italy April 20 2005 June 15 2005 September 14 2005 December 1 2005 February 15 2006 April 12 2006 September 20 2006 February 21 2007
April 27 2005 August 31 2005 October 26 2005 January 11 2006 March 22 2006 May 25 2006 July 5 2006 March 20 2007
April 4 2005/
April 22 2005
June 16 2005 September 22 2005 November 24 2005 February 23 2006 April 20 2006 June 22 2006 February 15 2007
Spain May 18 2005 June 29 2005 September 28 2005 November 17 2005 February 22 2006 April 19 2006 July 26 2006 February 14 2007


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