Aidel rushes to his parents.

As he returns home, Aidel finds his parents tied up in the living room, while Valen approaches him from behind.

At Cupid's Temple, Piper and Leo are on a balcony and share a loving moment. Leo tells Piper that although he wanted to be human, part of him wishes he could still help fight Valen. While Piper returns home to the manor with Coop, Leo and Henry stay behind with the kids for their protection.

Later that night, Phoebe is on the phone with Elise. As she hangs up, she finds Cole sitting on the couch. She tells him he can leave, but Cole insists on staying. As Phoebe heads to bed, Cole asks if she is happy. When Phoebe tells him that she is, Cole replies that he is happy for her. He also admits that he still wonders what could have been. They hold hands for a moment.

While the others sleep, Phoebe lies awake and Cole is downstairs. Suddenly Prue's magical alarm goes off and everyone heads downstairs. Thinking Prue is calling, Piper turns on the TV, but Valen appears on the screen instead, holding Aidel hostage. Valen tells them that he hijacked the signal and orders the sisters to meet him at a cemetery. As they prepare, Cole tells the others to destroy Valen's stolen artifacts.


Paige attacked by zombies.

As the sisters, Cole and Coop arrive at the cemetery, Paige charges at Valen and calls for his shillelagh. However, her plan fails when Valen casts a spell to raise the undead. As the sisters fight the undead, Valen explains that all he wants is the honor of being the one to kill the Charmed Ones.

Seeing the sisters in danger and hearing what Valen said, Aidel becomes angry enough to activate his power of Smoke Secretion. He manages to distract Valen for a moment, though the demon knocks him out and attempts to stab him with the Ancient Athame.

Before Valen can kill Aidel, Coop punches him. Valen uses his magic to immobilize Coop and throws the athame at him. Cole sees Coop about to be hit and pushes him out of the way, being hit in his chest instead.

The sisters cast a spell to return the undead to rest. They are shocked to see Cole collapse and run toward him.

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