Charmed Again
CharmedAgain novel
Can the Power of Three be restored?
Novel Information
Written by

Elizabeth Lenhard

Published by

Pocket Books (Simon & Schuster UK Ltd.)

ISBN Number

0-7434-4264-4 / 9780743430395


Based on the episodes Charmed Again, Parts 1-2

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Beware What You Wish


Spirit of the Wolf


Charmed Again is the 11th novel of the Charmed novels.

A novelization by Elizabeth Lenhard based on the episodes "Charmed Again, Parts 1-2". It is written by Brad Kern and has additional scenes.


In this night and in this hour
I call upon the Ancient Power.
Bring back my sister,
Bring back the Power of Three.

Piper and Phoebe Halliwell are devastated by the loss of their big sister, Prue. But even in their grief they can't forget that they, too, are in mortal danger. The power of the Charmed Ones has been broken, leaving them prey to every form of evil. Even Leo, their Whitelighter, and Cole, Phoebe's demon boyfriend, can't protect them.

In frustration and despair, Piper casts a spell to summon a lost witch and bring back her beloved Prue. The spell does work, but not as Piper intended. A lost witch is found—heir to a shocking Halliwell family secret. But can Piper and Phoebe persuade her to assume her powers and complete the Power of Three?





  • Shax: The Source's personal assassin with Aerokinesis and Whirling. He was the one who killed Prue and tried to kill Paige.
  • Victor Bennett: Prue, Piper, and Phoebe's father. He came back for Prue's funeral.


Magical Notes

Book of Shadows

To Call a Lost Witch

Put the following Ingredients in a Silver Mortar:
A pinch of rosemary
a sprig of Cypress
A yarrow root.
Grind with a Pestle while chanting:
Power of the witches rise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you near
Come to us and settle here.
Spill the blood of the Caller into mortar
and continue chanting:
Blood to blood, I summon thee
Blood to blood, return to me.

To Summon the Dead

Place five candles in a loose circle on the floor, light the candles and then Chant:
Hear these words, hear my cry.
Spirit from the other side,
Come to me, I summon thee,
Cross now the great divide.

Shax Vanquishing Spell

Evil winds that blows
that which forms below.
No longer may you dwell.
Death takes you with this spell.

Enchantment Spell

Speak these words to Enchant an Object
Magic forces, far and wide,
Enchant these so those can't hide.
Allow this witch to use therein,
So she may reveal the evil within.


To Bring Back a Lost Sister

In this night and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient power.
Bring back my sister, bring back the Power of Three.

To Send One Away

Take him back,
Take him away.
Remove him now,
Don't let him stay.
We call the spirits to help undo
And send him off to Timbuktu.


Notes and Trivia

International titles

  • French: La Sorcière perdue (Lost Witch)
  • Spanish (Spain): Embrujadas de nuevo ('Charmed' of New)
  • Russian: Vnov' zakoldovannyje (Enchanted Again)
  • Dutch: De macht van drie (The power of three)