Charlotte Logan

October 31st, 1958



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To get revenge on her best friend



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Haunted by Desire


Charlotte Logan is a spirit who appears in the novel Haunted by Desire. She is the main antagonist pretending to be an innocent.


Early life

Charlotte was a young woman of the 1950's who attended the same college as her best friend Betty Warren, who came from a wealthy family, unlike Charlotte. During her time at the school, she fell for a boy named Ronald Galvez, and wanted him for herself, only to lose him to her best friend. Charlotte was consumed with envy because Betty chose the man she wanted when she could have anyone else easily.

She later found out that they wanted to run away because of Betty's family's disapproval. She had long since given up on Ronald, but refused to let Betty have him, and set out to destroy the couple by killing Betty first, and then Ronald before killing herself.


Her spirit and Ronald's remained at the high school for the next five decades. When Phoebe Halliwell encounters the woman, she pretends to be the innocent while framing Ronald to be the evil one, then persuades her to alter time so that she may be saved. In truth, she wanted Phoebe to take Betty's place so that she may kill her once again.

An older Betty appears to her in the middle of her mission and a confrontation takes place before the Charmed Ones banish Charlotte's spirit, inadvertently freeing Ronald's as well.


  • The sisters cast a spell to banish Charlotte's spirit, but the content was never revealed.


Charlotte Logan has appeared in a total of 1 non-canonical novel throughout the franchise.