Charlene Hughes
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2000; local library


Tyra Wilson

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Ghost powers

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Ex Libris

Portrayed By

Rebecca Cross


Charlene Hughes was a college student who Phoebe met in the public library days before her finals. The two were in the same metaphysics class, taught by Charlene's father.


Charlene had an interest in researching demons, and was writing a thesis to prove that they actually existed before a Libris demon seized her and beheaded her in the basement of the library after she tried to catch the Encyclopedia of Demons.

After her death, her spirit remained in the physical realm and only Phoebe was able to see her due to her witch status. Though she did not remember the events that happened just before she was killed, Phoebe eventually revealed to her the truth. Charlene refused to believe Phoebe and ran home. There, she saw how her family mourned over her death, and so she returns to the Charmed Ones to help them figure out how and where she was killed. Though she couldn't remember much, her collective memories were helpful enough to lure out the Libris demon.  Phoebe was pulled into the basement with him, and Charlene followed them in.  By this time, she'd gotten a fairly quick handle on her new abilities as a ghost, and helped hold off the Libris until Prue vanquished him with a spell.

Since the Charmed Ones had gotten justice for her, Charlene should have been able to move on. However, she didn't, much to her frustration. The Charmed Ones figured out that she had to claim justice for another girl named Tyra Wilson who was murdered six months ago by a man named Gibbs.

With the help of her new powers, she makes Gibbs think she's Tyra's ghost and has come back to haunt him. She quickly scares Gibbs into confessing to Tyra's murder. Gibbs is arrested, and Charlene finally moves on.


  • Rebekah Carlton who portrayed the Demonic Sorceress Kali is sometimes credited as "Rebecca Cross", the same name of the actress who portrayed Charlene.
  • In "Run, Piper, Run", Billie says she has read in the Book of Shadows on something about Charlene and how she scared Gibbs to gain the truth.


Charlene Hughes appeared in a total of 1 episode in the series throughout the course of the series.

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