Channon Roe
Actor Information

Channon Roe


Pasadena, CA

Birth date

October 27, 1969




Season 5


The Eyes Have It


Channon Roe is an American actor who portrayed a Gypsy Hunter named Cree in Charmed.

Biography Edit

Channon Roe is a successful character actor who has been in television and film since 1994. Even though he was born in Pasadena, he was raised in Corona del Mar before training as an actor at the Joanne Baron D.W. Brown Studio and then at the British Academy of Dramatic Arts at Stanford.

Channon is an avid surfer, and is highly involved with activist groups Green Peace, Heal the Bay and Surfrider Foundation. He's been a vegetarian for over 20 years and drives a Mercedes 1983 Vegetable Oil Conversion by Love Craft.

Career Edit

  • The Chicago Code (2011)
  • Terriers (2010)
  • 24 (2006)
  • Charmed (2002)
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1999)
  • My So-Called Life (1994)

Notes Edit

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