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Artifact Information

A goblet or footed cup meant to hold a drink or other liquid


Used in various religious and magical ceremories

Chalices are goblets or footed cups used to hold a drink or other liquids. They serve a purpose in several religious and magical ceremonies.


Oh My Goddess! Part 2Edit

Phoebe Halliwell, as the Goddess of Love, drank from a golden chalice that one of her bachelors passed on to her while massaging her feet.


Main article: Golden Chalice

This magical chalice was the only object that could hold the magical water from the Fountain of Youth. In order to save their sister, Piper and Phoebe broke into a museum and stole the chalice.

Desperate HousewitchesEdit

A Female Possessor Demon used a chalice in her ritual to resurrect The Source of All Evil. As part of the ritual and to tap into his power, she had Wyatt Halliwell dip his finger in the chalice.


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