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Chad Willett
Actor Information

Chad "Chaz" Willett


British Columbia

Birth date

October 10, 1971


Justin Harper


Season 3


2 Episodes


Chad Willett portrayed Justin Harper in the season 3 episodes "Coyote Piper" and "Bride and Gloom." He also partially portrayed the warlock Zile in the latter episode as well.

Biography Edit

Born in Vancouver to a Canadian banker father and an English/West Indian book keeping mother, Chad lived in every small town throughout BC during his formative years before moving back to the city to pursue his professional career. With acting as his first love, Chad jumped right in and started working with the best, on his first film Alive(1991). After a successful run in Canada on hit TV shows as Madison, Nothing Too Good for a Cowboy and the mini series Joan of Arc for CBS, Chad took his craft to LA and NY. The USA landed Chad series lead roles on The Cape, Charmed, Jack & Jill and a NBC development deal which produced The Chronicle for him to star. He also guest starred on popular shows like House M.D., Bones and NCIS. NY brought a career highlight with a lead role working beside the iconic Vanessa Redgrave in The Locket, for which he received his first award win. He also returned to the stage to star in the Tony Award winning play Proof and As Bees in Honey Drown. Recently Chad took a break from acting to begin writing on the island of St. Lucia, home to his family since the 1800s. Having completed two feature scripts of his own, Chad was ready to develop his own projects. His lead role in the Canadian feature Cole(2009) got Chad thinking about returning to Canada, and thus StoryLab Productions was born! Teaming up with Joely Collins to form StoryLab, Chad is applying his twenty years of experience and is proud to be giving back to Canada's growing film and television industry. Most recently he acquired the life rights of Jim Bohlen, the founder of Greenpeace; StoryLab's newest development!

Career Edit

  • Charmed
  • NCIS
  • The Cape

External links Edit

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