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Carpool Neighbor
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Morality Bites

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Jennifer Hale


The Carpool Neighbor was a mortal woman living on or near Prescott Street in the alternate 2009. She presumably had a child around the same age as Melinda Wyatt, as she carpooled her to school.


When Piper came to the future and woke up in her future body, she was shocked to discover she had a daughter. Moments later, the neighbor arrived to take Melinda to school. She wondered if Piper really wanted her to bring Melinda to her ex, which future Piper had appearantly asked her earlier. Piper agreed and called for Prue, which the neighbor found strange as Prue no longer lived there. She then took Melinda to school, but not before Melinda promised Piper to never use her magic ever again.


The Carpool Neighbor appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

Season 2
Morality Bites

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