Black Jack Cutting
Biographical information

2004; his lair



Physical description

Cursed Mortal



Hair color
  • Black (young)
  • Grey (old)
Eye color


Skin color


Magical characteristics
Inactive powers
Magic items

Cursed Athame


Restoring his youth



Character information
Only appearance


Portrayed By
Parrot: "Aye-yae, Captain."
Jack: "Don't you just love clichés?"
— Captain Black Jack Cutting.[src]

Captain Black Jack Cutting was a ruthless and bloodthirsty 18th century pirate, chopping up the coastlines. He once tricked a young witch into falling in love with him so he could convince her to make him immortal, but his plan was not to be. The young witch cursed Black Jack into spending eternity in a place beyond time and space, continuously growing old but never dying.

The Captain and his crew only had the opportunity to come return when mystical fog tolled into fair port cities.


In 2004, Captain Black Jack and his crew arrived in San Francisco and kidnapped a young witch named Brenda Castillo. He then revealed a blade which he used to kill the witch that cursed him, and cut Brenda with it, causing her to rapidly age. The Elders informed Leo Wyatt that witches were being taken and he told the Charmed Ones.

After talking to Carly, Paige scried for Brenda and found the cave the pirates were staying in. Captain Jack then appeared and told her they were waiting for her. He informed her that he needed her and her sisters to activate the Fountain of Youth and break the curse. He then cut Paige, causing her to rapidly age as well. He then forced Piper and Phoebe to break into a museum and steal the Golden Chalice needed to activate the fountain.

After the sisters delivered the chalice, Captain Jack used the fountain to regain his youth, but refused to help Paige. Phoebe then manipulated the pirates into mutiny by bringing up parley. Reznor and the other pirates then killed the captain, breaking their own curse in the process. Paige used the chalice to return to normal and Piper destroyed the fountain so it could never be used again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Other Powers
  • Immortality: The ability to possess an infinite lifespan. The captain and his crew spent centuries trapped, unable to die.
    • Life Link: The ability to connect one's life to another. The captain's crew could only live for as long as he lived.



Captain Black Jack Cutting appeared in a total of 1 episode throughout the course of the series.

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