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San Francisco Police Department

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All Hell Breaks Loose

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A Paige from the Past

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Tommy Redmond Hicks

"Looks like all those freaky rumours about you and the Halliwells might not have been rumours after all."
—The captain to Darryl Morris.[src]

The Captain worked for the San Francisco Police Department and was Darryl Morris' superior.


All Hell Breaks LooseEdit

In 2001, the captain approached Darryl Morris and mentioned all the freaky rumors about him and the Halliwell sisters might not be rumors after all. He then turned Darryl's attention to the TV which showed Elana Dominguez report on Prue and Piper battling the demon Shax.

A Paige from the PastEdit

In 2002, Cole Turner barged into the Police Department and asked Darryl if he could help with his heavy case load. When Darryl told him to leave, Cole dragged him back into the Captain's office. After a robbery committed by two spirits possessing Cole and Phoebe, Piper convinced Darryl to hide key evidence because it would look bad if his captain saw Cole on the surveillance tape, just a day after Darryl bailed him out of jail.


The Captain appeared in a total of 2 episodes over the course of the series.

Season 3
All Hell Breaks Loose
Season 4
A Paige from the Past

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