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The Good, the Bad and the Cursed

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Scott Beehner

"If you wanna kill Bo, you're gonna have to kill me too."
—Cal to Sutter.[src]

Cal was a resident of a town once terrorized by Sutter. Along with the rest of the town, he was caught in a time loop due to the injustice done to Bo Lightfeather.


Sutter and his men took over the town in 1873. While most of the town was too scared to stand up to them, Bo Lightfeather kept fighting. After Bo killed Slade, Sutter ordered his men to hunt him down. When Prue Halliwell and Cole Turner arrived in the town to save it from the time loop, they witnessed one of Sutter's men stabbing Cal in the hand. Prue defended Cal, leading to a short gunfight.

Cal later followed Isabel Lightfeather and the others to Bo. Once he knew his location, Cal reported back to Sutter. After Bo surrended and was dragged into down, Sutter began to whip him. With some encouragement from Prue and Cole, Cal and the rest of the town finally stood up to Sutter, breaking the time loop.

After returning to the present, Prue mentioned the townspeople would presumably live out their lives in a parallel plane.


Cal appeared in a total of 1 episode over the course of the series.

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