Cafe Le Blue
Café Le Blue

San Francisco

Prue: "So, um, have you been here before?"
Dick: "Oh, it's close to the office. I don't like to take long lunches."
Prue: "What's good?"
Dick: "Caesar's fine, pasta's fine, fish is fine, steak is..."
Prue: "Fine."
Prue Halliwell and Dick on their date.[src]

Café le Blue is a small restaurant located in San Francisco. Prue Halliwell went there on a date with a man named Dick while years later, Phoebe Halliwell went there on a date with Mitch.


Prue Dick Date

Be Careful What You Witch For

Prue Halliwell went to the Café Le Blue while in a date with a nice, but utterly boring, office worker named Dick. While at the café, the Genie appeared in a miniaturized form, jumped into Dick's body and possessed him in an attempt to make Prue make a wish so he could be freed from his bottle. Prue unknowingly made a wish, which caused her to become her seventeen-year-old, high school self; making her powerless in the process.

Phoebe Mitch Date

Spin City

Four years later, Phoebe Halliwell went to the café on a date with a man named Mitch. In an attempt to identify who would be the father of the daughter she had foreseen in a premonition, she tried to get a premonition off him to no avail. While having lunch with Mitch an infected Chris appeared to get Phoebe to help her sisters work on vanquishing the Spider demon.


  • This is based on the Los Angeles, California restaurant La Blu Café.
  • The exterior of the restaurant is the same exterior as Quake, the restaurant that Piper worked at in Season 1.